4.5.1 Sector coupling and energy system transition

Course subject(s) 4. Towards climate neutral energy systems

We’ve now reached the final video of the course! To wrap up the content we consider the transition of the energy system as a whole, from a demand driven, fossil fuel, carbon emitting based system towards a flexible system with sector coupling, employing clean energy sources.

Key takeaways:

  • To combat the inherent variability of many renewable energy sources, more flexible energy systems are required
  • There are a number of options to help provide flexibility: expanding grid infrastructure, demand response, short-term storage and long-term storage. Additionally, sector coupling will be important which is defined as the increased integration of energy end-use and supply sectors
  • The transition will include the production of fuels from electricity via electrolysis and other technologies
  • In summary,┬áthe energy transition is not just a transition of energy sources but a transition of all the elements of the energy system
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