5.2 Land-use transport interaction models and disaggregate choice models

Course subject(s) 5. Land use Modelling

Post Lecture activity

Please read the articles by Zondag et al. (2015), Blijie & De Vries (2006), De Bok (2009):

  • Zondag, B. M. de Bok, K.T. Geurs, E. Molenwijk (2015), Accessibility modeling and evaluation: The TIGRIS XL land-use and transport interaction model for the Netherlands, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 49, pp. 115–125
  • Blijie B., J.J. de Vries (2006), What, Where, and Which? Nested Logit Model for Dutch Housing Choice, Paper 06-0380 TRB 85th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers CD-ROM, Transportation Research Board
  • Bok, M. de (2009), Estimation and validation of a microscopic model for spatial economic effects of transport infrastructure, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Volume 43, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 44-59

After studying the lecture slides and these articles, you should be able to answer the questions in the post-lecture exercises of Land use modelling. The answers can be downloaded from the same page.

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