06. Traffic analysis: Characteristics by V.L. Knoop

Course subject(s) 06. Traffic analysis: Characteristics

This lecture starts with a recap of shockwave theory. Instead of identifying the boundaries are between different states as is done in shockwave theory,  you can follow traffic characteristics through the x-t plane, which is done with the Method of Characteristics (MoC) which is discussed in this lecture. Also an application (acceleration fans) of the MoC will be presented. This application shows that there is a difference between real life and the theoretical analysis. The slides also present another application of the kinematic wave model: Queuing at signalized intersections. This application is not discussed in collegerama. Lastly this lecture covers the topic numerical simulation using the Godunov scheme.

Also read paragraph 9.2.1 and 9.3.5 of chapter 9 of the reader about respectively the method of characteristics and the Gudunov scheme.

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