7. Hamilton’s Principle and Ritz Mehtod

Course week(s) 7. Hamilton’s Principle and Ritz Mehtod

This module continues with the boundary conditions for variational calculus. Both natural and essential boundary conditions are elaborated. Generalisations of the Euler-Lagrange equations are discussed. Thereafter, Hamilton’s principle is introduced. Using this principle, one can determine the dynamics of a system by using variational calculus for a functional based on the Lagrangian. It is stated that in Statics, Hamilton’s Principle reduces to the principle of stationary potential energy.

Corresponding to this module, a course handout is given on the Ritz method. This method can be used to approximate the solution of a variational problem. The handout can be downloaded below.

Corresponding to this module, three sample problems are handed out (see the exercises of this module).

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