08. Influence of trucks, lagrangian coordinates and MFD by V.L. Knoop

Course subject(s) 08. Influence of trucks, lagrangian coordinates and MFD

This lecture first recaps on the Godunov scheme. One of the disadvantages of this scheme is that it is discretized. To overcome this and more disadvantages there is another numerical scheme, namely langranginan coordinates. How to describe traffic in Langrangian coordinates and the advantagesof Lagrangian formulation will be elaborated in this lecture. The lecture also discuss how trucks influence the traffic stream and explains the effect of traffic heterogeneity on traffic operations and models and how to make calculation using pce-values.  Lastly macroscopic fundamental diagrams are discussed, and after this lecture you should be able to analyse and comment on the form of the macroscopic fundamental diagram based on underlying queuing patterns.

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