2.1.2 Lecture: EV Battery Introduction

Course subject(s) Module 2. Battery Technology for EVs

Do you know what determines the weight of the battery used in an EV? Or what the shape of the battery has to do with its cycle life and safety? Watch this lecture by Marnix Wagemaker to find out.

Learning objectives of this section:

      1. To be able to classify batteries on the basis of rechargeability.
      2. Understand how to distinguish between gravimetric and volumetric energy density.
      3. Recognize the significance of power density in designing batteries.
      4. Be able to calculate the weight of a required battery using the Ragone plot.
      5. Be able to list the factors affecting the cycle life of batteries.
      6. Describe the factors which determine the total cost of a battery.
      7. List alternatives to current Li-ion battery technology.

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