2.2.1 Lecture: EV Battery Parameters

Course subject(s) Module 2. Battery Technology for EVs

Have you wondered why the battery capacity of your phone or laptop goes down with time? Also, why does your battery take so long to charge? Find out the answers to these very fundamental questions in this video lecture on battery parameters by Marnix Wagemaker.

Learning goals:

      1. Identify the various components of a battery – electrodes and electrolyte.
      2. Describe the basic working principle of a battery.
      3. Understand what is meant by the capacity and state of charge (SOC) of a battery.
      4. Distinguish the two ways in which the efficiency of the battery can be expressed.
      5. Calculate the energy content of a battery from its voltage vs capacity curve.
      6. Describe the effect of charging rate on battery capacity and efficiency.
      7. Visualize the trade-off between energy density and power density through the Ragone plot.

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