2.3.1 lecture: EV Batteries: What’s inside

Course subject(s) Module 2. Battery Technology for EVs

Besides an understanding of how a battery works on the atomic scale, we also need to relate some of the battery parameters we studied in the previous lectures to the chemical reactions taking place in the battery. In this lecture, you will learn about the chemical reactions taking place inside the battery and how these can be related to things like the energy density, cycle life etc.

Learning goals for this lecture are to:

    1. Identify the anode and cathode of a battery undergoing charging/discharging.
    2. Calculate the capacity and energy density of a battery based on knowledge of electrode materials.
    3. Describe the factors which determine the internal resistance of a battery.
    4. Understand the trade-off between energy and power density in design of batteries.
    5. Describe the causes that limit battery cycle life.
    6. Understand the role played by battery management systems.

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