Course week(s) Week 1
Course subject(s) 1. Sun

This first lecture will introduce the main themes of the following lectures and the overall goals of the assignment. These will be alluded by specific design and process examples, such as the design of bridges within the subject of water and the issue of density within the subject of living.

Publish on your website:

  •  images from your earlier design work, suitable to link into the next assignments,
  • key words by which your study could be found back by others.
  • an evaluation with commend or improvement of that earlier design projects with text, schemes, images and calculations (use the simulations .xls) for each subject, recognizable by the numbers on your website.
  • use for this the following guide and manual to make your own website. Using your own existing site or using a different way to make it is also allowed.

The part on Sun spans the subjects of Energy, Light, Temperature and Vegetation within the realm of design theory. Main issue of debate is the current debate of environment and sustainability. What will the future of energy use bring and what will than be the design possibilities?

Publish on your website:

  • a report with text, schemes, images and calculations how you could use your knowledge of the subject in your future design practice.
  • make all calculations, improving them and adding new ones, in earlier and future design.
  • use for this the sun and energy simulation .xml


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