Lectures on Policy

Course subject(s) On Policy

Innovation Policy

Breaking the boundaries: transformative innovation for the global good. How can a sustainable society be realized? This lecture distinguishes different policies and principles for configuring innovation policy.

Keywords: environmental policy, innovation policy, long-term visions, short-term actions.

Systems Innovation

This is a presentation about system integration. Energy is taken as an example because there is a growing demand for energy innovations. It takes the perspective of systems thinking, which is an integrated perspective. The concept of multisource, multiproduct systems (MSMP) will be explained. (The slides in this presentation are in English, in the video lecture they are in Dutch).

Keywords: system integration, energy, optimization.


This is a presentation by Jan Fidler from the department of Industrial Ecology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm about risk in relation to sustainable development. How can risk be estimated? How shall we handle risks for accidents in planning societies? How to connect risk studies and decision making processes?

Keywords: risk, accidental event, prediction, risk evaluation, risk assessment.

Complex Adaptive Systems

This is a lecture about complex adaptive systems (CAS) and agent based modeling. This is relevant in the context of sustainable development since sustainability problems can be viewed as complex adaptive systems. Understanding the dynamics of complex systems can be a very powerful tool, also in solving sustainability issues. This lecture explains what complex adaptive systems are, and how they can be modeled.

Keywords: complexity, simulation, systems, interaction, adaptiveness, dependency, diversity, system dynamics, evolution.

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