1.0.1 Welcome to module 1 of Designing a Climate-Neutral World: An Introduction

Course subject(s) 1. Climate change and the energy transition

“Calfing Glacier – Global Warming?” by Len Radin is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

What is this module about?

You are now starting the first module of the course, we will be introducing lots of background information on the present state of the world and the current trajectory of global climate. Together we will cover many foundational concepts which are important for further studies in climate mitigation study.


The content of this module is split into five sections:

  1. Global greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Why do we need to mitigate climate change?
  3. The global energy system
  4. Developments in the global energy system
  5. What does the energy transition look like?

Learning outcomes

After following this weeks material, you should have an understanding of these main points:

  • An understanding of the development of global greenhouse gas emissions, the most important greenhouse gases, and the impact of their increased concentration in the atmosphere
  • The specific impacts that the greenhouse effect will have on the Earth, how much GHG emissions must be reduced to avert these impacts, and what agreements have been made to meet these targets
  • The key components of the global energy system, the magnitude of final energy consumption and the respective role that different sectors, regions and energy carriers play
  • How energy demand changes as a country develops, the main determinants of energy use, and how global energy supply is currently composed

We hope you enjoy the start of the course, and best of luck!

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