Stress, Strain and Hooke’s Law: Summary and Further Reading

Course subject(s) 1. Stress, Strain and Hooke’s Law

Summary of Key Equations

All of the concepts from this unit combine to form the Generalized form of Hooke’s Law given below. This is the fundamental equation we will use to examine the deformation and loading of engineering structures. Below, you can find a summary of the key formulas that we have covered in this chapter.

\[\epsilon_x=\frac{1}{E}[\sigma_x-\nu(\sigma_y+\sigma_z)]+\alpha\Delta T \]

\[\epsilon_y=\frac{1}{E}[\sigma_y-\nu(\sigma_x+\sigma_z)]+\alpha\Delta T \]

\[\epsilon_z=\frac{1}{E}[\sigma_x-\nu(\sigma_x+\sigma_y)]+\alpha\Delta T \]

\[\gamma_{xy}=\frac{\tau_{xy}}{G} \]

\[\gamma_{xz}=\frac{\tau_{xz}}{G} \]

\[\gamma_{yz}=\frac{\tau_{yz}}{G} \]

Further Reading

1.1 Stress
Chapters 1.1-1.5

1.2 Strain
Chapter 2

1.3 Hooke’s Law
ChaptersĀ 3.1-3.4, 3.6-3.7

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