2.0.1 Welcome to module 2 Accounting energy use and GHG emissions

Course subject(s) 2. Accounting energy use and GHG emissions

What is this module about?


Last module you learned about the current trajectory of the world, where we’re headed and what needs to be done. This module we will be covering some more technical aspects of climate change mitigation. Over four videos you will gain an understanding of how we can measure energy, and the emissions associated with that energy. The energy accounting concepts presented here are important for further analysis of climate and energy related topics.


The content is split into four sections:

  1. Energy use and energy units
  2. Book-keeping energy
  3. Calculating CO2 emissions
  4. Global warming potentials for non-CO2 greenhouse gases

Learning outcomes

After following this modules’ material, you should have an understanding of these main points:

  • How to measure energy, and an overview of the different units associated with energy calculations
  • What an energy balance is, what its used for, its main components, and how it is constructed.
  • How emissions and energy are related, and how we can calculate CO2 emissions from energy use
  • What an emissions scope is and how each scope is defined
  • The relative warming impact caused by different greenhouse gases

We hope you enjoy the content!

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