3.1.1 Planning your course design

Course subject(s) 3. Plan your course design

UX Work: Woman's hands drawing a wireframe by Kelly Sikkema, CC0

UX Work: Woman’s hands drawing a wireframe by Kelly Sikkema, CC0

Ready to start designing the online version of your course?

You’ve mapped your current set-up and identified possible pitfalls and challenges. Now you will be able to start mapping out a new course design that addresses these challenges.

The first step? Storyboarding.

You will learn how to determine Learning Objectives (LOs) using constructive alignment, plan media based on learning objectives, determine assessments connected to the learning objectives and you will be able to decide between synchronous and asynchronous delivery in your learning activities. The Course Design Process dimension in the EMBED model will be used as a basis for creating your course improvement plan.

In this module you will:

  • discover the EMBED Course Design Process
  • learn what a storyboard is
  • complete the storyboard journal activity
  • complete the storyboard portion of  your course design template which you started in module 2
  • start planning your media
  • start your assessment plan

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Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Watch this optional video: Why storytelling matters by Garr Reynolds at TEDxKyoto touches on the importance of storytelling.

Garr Reynolds is known for storytelling and his ideas of Presentation Zen. View this video to realize what you can do to engage learners.

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