5.1.1 Creating structure

Course subject(s) 5. Build your blended course

"Yellow lego blocks" by Ryan Quintal, CC0

Yellow lego blocks” by Ryan Quintal, CC0

Now that you’ve created your storyboard, the time has come for you to create or find content for your course. This module will help you to get an overview of the content you need to find or create, and will provide you with practical templates and tips.

Please be advised that creating your course media and building your course media may take time; you may not complete these steps within the timeframe of this training. This course will remain available to you even for 6 months after you complete the course, so please do continue to check it for information as you build and teach your course.

By now you need to finalize what tools you will be using for your course. In the first module you explored ideas. At TU Delft, we have a committee on Educational Tooling that reviews tools and provides suggestions on the usage of those tools.

In this module you will:

  • learn about the Course Flexibility Dimension of the EMBED model
  • find and reuse or create (openly licensed) content,
  • consider how to make your content interactive,
  • decide which tools to utilize according to situations that arise (See Selection of tools in link below.)

Module Reading

This module’s reading are:

Course Flexibility Dimension

Selection of Blended Learning Tools

Photo by Amauri Mejía on Unsplash


Watch this optional Dual Coding webinar recording featuring Wiebe Dijkstra.

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