5.1.1 Setting the scene

Course subject(s) Module 5: Improving HEALTHCARE


Welcome back to the fifth and last module in the course Design in Healthcare: Using Patient Journey Mapping.

This week will be a little different from the previous ones. There is no “Prove your knowledge” ┬ánor “Handy information” units. For the practical challenge you only need to grade the assignments of a few of your peers based on the rubric.

At the end of this course you have gathered all the knowledge and skills to apply the patient journey method yourself. In this module, we will show you different examples on how you can apply a patient journey for different goals. Also, you will learn how you can use the different elements of the method to tailor the patient journey to your specific problem.

So, how can you apply the patient journey mapping method?

On the following page, you will find a short introduction to the module.

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