5.3.2 Find or create video

Course subject(s) 5. Build your blended course

Video: Find or create the ultimate video

Video is a rich media type. You can create your own video, but there are also some great videos out there. This page will give you some suggestions to find and create video.


If you want to use video, you often don’t have to create a new video. There is a lot out there. Here you can find some sources where you can video for your education. Embed the video in your platform and your done!


If you cannot find the right video, it’s also possible to create your own videos. The easiest way to do so is doing a screencast. You can record your screen and voice and this way you can create a video.

Below you can find some resources:


When you’re going to create new content (video, but also images) it’s important that you abide all the copyright laws. Instead of using copyrighted images and video, you can also use creative commons media. This is media you can (re)use for your own education.

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