5.3.3 Find images that enrich your content

Course subject(s) 5. Build your blended course

Images: Enrich your content with stunning images

Images and icons can enrich your video, powerpoint slides or even papers or readers. This page contains a couple of sources where you can find images and icons for your media.


Before you can start downloading images and icons for your media, you need to consider copyright. You cannot use any image you find on the internet. It’s important that you abide all the copyright laws. Instead of using copyrighted images and video, you can also use creative commons media. This is media you can (re)use for your own education.


There are a lot of great websites where you can find content you can share, use and remix (CC-O or CC-BY licensed):


  • Powerpoint: Some new versions of Powerpoint contain an icon library you can use (instructions)
  • TheĀ Noun project: This is a website where you can download icons with a CC-BY license
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