5.5.1 Presentation slides: 6 tips to create the ultimate presentation

Course subject(s) 5. Build your blended course

6 tips to create the ultimate presentation

Slides can be used for presentations, lectures, but also as a basis for a video (screen recording). However, slides should be designed carefully so it will not hinder learning.

On July 1, 2020 there was a webinar on multimedia learning. During this webinar some tips and trick where shared to create the ultimate presentation slides for learning. Watch the webinar  (from 1:20 till 26:02) or check the most important tips bellow.

6 tips:

      • Combine images and spoken words
      • Less = more

Two slides. Option A: too much info, to crowded. Option B: Clean slide with only the important information

Which option do you think is better suited for a slide?

      • Don’t put text on your slides (only keywords; slides are not a replacement for a reader or text book)
      • Use imagesiconskeywordsgraphsscheme’s to convey your ideas.
      • Guide your learners attention: Highlight, use colors, remove unnecessary elements.

An example of a slide on how to guide your learners attention; use colors

      • Provide a clear structure in your slide deck: Use an agenda, use splash screens for new topics (see below), and summarize each topic.

The purple screen on the left is an example of a splash screen. A splash screen is a bright and colorful slide to indicate a new topic is coming up. Its a visual cue for your learners.

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