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What are Blue Papers?

PortCityFutures and ICOMOS NL collaborate with several partners, both in and outside the Netherlands, to address the importance of integrating culture and heritage in sustainable decision-making within water and climate issues. Their opinions are published as ‘Blue Paper’ on the PortCityFutures blog.

PortCityFutures is an initiative of three Dutch universities (Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam). The Centre collaborates with partners internationally to investigate the socio-spatial conditions, use and design of port city and water territories. It focuses on the study and design of areas where port and city activities occur simultaneously and sometimes conflict, and on the relation between water and heritage.

We are an academic, interdisciplinary community that aims to create a dialogue with a broad audience. One of the ways we do that is through a weekly blog by our own team members and guest writers. Collectively, the blogs aim to address challenges and frictions, and to develop shared definitions, terminologies, and approaches to connect port city stakeholders and territories around the world. They can take different forms – short essays, reflections, analytical writings – to help academics and professionals worldwide to engage in meaningful dialogue within a research field that acknowledges the particular challenges port city territories face.

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