6.1.2. We Like Sharing

Course subject(s) 6. Farewell

The sky and nature reflecting on a pool of water
Water Reflection by Carola Hein, CC BY-NC


You may have noticed that some of the photographs we have used in this course were taken by the course team. The Caglayan bridge in module 2, for example, is a photo by Gül; the Hani women in module 3 were captured by Lučka’s camera, and Carola’s images feature quite a lot! All photos have been rightly attributed, and also deposited in We Like Sharing for anyone to enjoy beyond this course.

We Like Sharing is a public repository of photographs created by TUD staff and students (friends and families too!) that anyone and everyone can reuse for free, under an open license. This means that the creator of the photo retains its copyright while allowing others certain permissions to reuse their material.

And if you have any questions, get in touch at: SharingWeLike@gmail.com

Thank you!

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