8.1.1 Congratulations on finishing Blending Your Education!

Course subject(s) 8. Next steps for Blending Your Education

Person stepping on blue stairs by Lindsay Henwood, CC0

Person stepping on blue stairs by Lindsay Henwood, CC0

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this training!

Finishing up

Congratulations on making it this far!

We are reaching the end of this training. We hope you feel more prepared for the upcoming academic school year and the online challenges it brings with it.

If you have followed all modules in this course, you should have gained some insight into what makes online learning different from face-to-face learning, how you can convert your course into an online format and engage students, and how to build your design in your platform. You should have a first draft of your online course storyboard, and a planning for your communication and online presence when the course is live.

This course will remain accessible to you so that you can continue to consult its materials as you finish developing your course design and building your new activities in your platform.

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