Book Electrical Power Drives

Course subject(s) 01. Introduction 02. Alternating Voltage and Active, Reactive and Apparent power 03. Three phase circuits 04. Transformer 05. Three Phase induction machines 06. The Torque 07. Synchronous generator 08. Torque vs Speed and the four quadrants. 09. The stand alone hybrid dynamic systems with energy storage 10. Exams

The course Electrical Power Drives uses the following book:

  • Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, T. Wildi, Prentice Hall, 2005 (sixth edition)  ISBN:0131776916.

This comprehensive and coherent coverage of electrical machines, drives, and power systems serves as an on-the-job reference guide for electrical engineers. It explores revolutionary converter technology affecting every sector of industrial and commercial activity—modifying electric elevators, locomotives, and transit vehicles; servomechanisms; heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems; fans; compressors; and innumerable industrial production lines. Chapter topics include generators, motors, efficiency and heating of electrical machines, three-phase circuits, transformers, transmission and distribution, and the cost of electricity. For electrical engineers sseking up-to-date information on the latest innovations in their field. in summary, this book employs a theoretical, practical, multidisciplinary approach to give a broad understanding of electric power technology. Clearly, it is no longer the staid subject it was considered to be some years ago. There is good reason to belive that this dynamic, expanding field will open career opportunities for many people.


  1. Units
  2. Fundamentals of electricity, Magnetisn and Circuits
  3. Fundamentals of Mechanics and Heat
  4. Direct-current Generators
  5. Direct-current Motors
  6. Efficiency and Heating of Electrical Machines
  7. Active, Reactive and Apparent Power
  8. Three-Phase Circuits
  9. The Ideal Transformer
  10. Practical Transformers
  11. Special Transformers
  12. Three-Phase Transformers
  13. Three-Phase Induction motors
  14. Selection and Application of Three-phase Induction Motors
  15. Equivalent Circuit of the Induction motor
  16. Synchronous Generators
  17. Synchronous Motors
  18. Single-Phase Motors
  19. Stepper Motors
  20. Basics of Industrial Motor Control
  21. Fundamental Elements of Power Electronics
  22. Electronic Control of Direct-Current motors
  23. Electronic control of Alternating Current Motors
  24. Generation of electrical Energy
  25. Transmission of Electrical Energy
  26. Distribution of Electrical Energy
  27. The Cost of Electricity.
  28. Direct-Current Transmission
  29. Transmission and Distribution Solid state Contrillers
  30. Harmonics
  31. Programmable Logic Controllers
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