Example of inflight service

Course subject(s) 3. From Opportunity to Concept

In the previous video, Boris told you about an inflight service example. Have a look below to see for yourself an example of different use case models made by our students.

Example 1

The first example of a use case model is an example for in-flight services focusing on the coffee distribution. In the first picture, you can see an initial model. In the second picture, there is a more detailed model. And in the third picture, you can find the final model. This gives a bit of insight into the process that our students went through while creating it. Use case modelling is an iterative process in which your initial idea is gradually refined and detailed into a comprehensive solution concept.

Initial model:

More detailed model:

Example 2

Below, you can find another example of a use case model, which focuses on the waste management of an airline and on board. These students followed the exact same process, but their way of presenting the result is very different. Use case modelling allows you to create your vision, highlighting what you consider particularly important.

Example of Use Case diagram

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