Transverse Shear in Beams: Summary and Further Reading

Course subject(s) 5. Transverse Shear in Beams

Summary of Key Equations

This unit centres around one equation; the Shear Formula given below.

\[\tau=\frac{VQ}{It} \]

The new quantity introduced in this equation is Q, which is the first moment of area of area A’ as shown below.

\[q=\int_{A'}y dA =\bar{y'}A' \]

For thin-walled profiles, the same equation can be used, however, thickness and shear stress are multiplied to obtain shear flow, q:

\[q=\frac{VQ}{I} \]

Further Reading and Problems

5.1 Shear Stress in the Direction of Bending
Relevant textbook reading: Ch. 7.1-7.2
Practice problems: 7.2, 7.5, 7-11, 7.25, 7.26, 7.27

5.2 Shear Flow in Thin-Walled Beam Sections
Relevant textbook reading: Ch. 7.3-7.4
Practice problems: 7.33, 7.47, 7.50, 7.55, 7.61, 7.62

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