The three step process

Course subject(s) 1. Can Design make Organisations more Innovative

Giulia’s┬áStrategic capabilities and process

Giulia briefly mentioned that, in her view, the value of design is in sparking innovation throughout a company. Which capabilities do you need to develop in order to do so? Giulia spoke with many designers and took part in many successful strategic design projects and found that there are eight key capabilities to master. You can find them all in her paper here.

These capabilities should be organised in a three-step process for leading strategic design projects. This process includes a preparation stage, a co-creation stage and an embedding stage through which rational managers are guided into the effective use of creative ways of working.

In Giulia’s paper, pages 8 and 9 provide a list of the identified capabilities as well as examples of these capabilities in the innovation process. We suggest this as a starting point for understanding these capabilities.

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