The course focuses on 3 main dredging processes: the cutting of sand, clay and rock; the sedimentation process in hopper dredges; the breaching process.

  • Understand and reproduce the Mohr circle;
  • Understand and reproduce the theory of passive and active soil failure;
  • Understanding the soil mechanical parameters important for cutting processes;
  • Understanding and make calculations regarding the 2-D cutting theory in water-saturated sand;
  • Understanding and make calculations regarding the 2-D theory in clay;
  • Understanding and reproduce the settling of grains in water;
  • Understanding and reproduce the loading cycle of a hopper dredge; Being able to determine the loading cycle of a hopper dredge, base on the modified Camp model by Miedema and Vlasblom;
  • Understanding and reproduce the basic cutting theory of rock cutting;
  • Understanding and reproduce the breaching process..
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