The MSc programme in Aerospace Engineering aims to develop the basic competences acquired in a BSc programme and take them to a higher level in terms of knowledge, critical reflection, making judgements and working independently. In order to achieve the levels we aim for, the MSc programme requires that you specialise and choose a specific direction within the domain of aerospace engineering. Since all of the faculty’s teaching and research activities centre on aerospace vehicles, the range of choices available focuses entirely on aircraft and spacecraft.

Master’s programme

  • Educates the student to become an all-round aerospace engineer
  • Provides a coherent and specialised curriculum
  • Major theme: research
  • Differentiation: specialisation, Honours Track programme
At the start of the programme, you will select a general field of aerospace engineering, known as a track. You will then proceed to refine this direction by selecting a profile. The mandatory internship enables you to experience the professional environment of the job market and to make an active contribution, preferably in an aerospace-related industry or research institute. You will complete the programme by carrying out your own final research project and reporting your methodology and results in your Master’s thesis.

Online master

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft  offers specialised courses,  offered online, that make your study more flexible and easier to combine with your work. After finalising one or more of these courses, you will have a better background to solve real-life problems using advanced analysis tools. For more information click on the picture.

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