The MSc programme in Microelectronics is supported by the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Engineering. It takes 24 months and is fully conducted in English. The programme offers challenging high-level education and research to talented students holding a BSc degree in technology or science. The first year comprises theoretical study, assignments and laboratory work. The second year is largely devoted to the graduation project, which involves participating in one of the university’s advanced research or design projects or an equivalent assignment within a company.

A graduation in Microelectronics constitutes an excellent basis for a succesful international career in this field. The 2-year programa starts with a number of compulsory courses (core module) that cover the entire field. Subsequently, the student can select a number of specialisation courses to design a programme that matches his or her interest. The specialisation courses range from technology and devices via integrated circuit design to high-level system design and cover many important present and future application areas. It also brings the student in close contact with the challenging and internationally recognised research areas that are covered by the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Engineeringvia its strong participation in the Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicrontechnology (DIMES).

The global character of the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Engineering is reflected by the international background of both the students and their professors. The Department has his own clean rooms, so that a student’s idea does not have to remain only an idea, but can be realised. The available facilities also stimulate the essential interaction between design-oriented and technology-oriented students. You are invited to take a virtual clean room tour.

The scope of Microelectronics includes the design, fabrication and testing of devices, circuits and systems using integrated (silicon) microfabrication technologies. Only trained people with state-of-the-art expertise can develop successful innovative products. This MSc programme aims at providing such knowledge, by offering a set of courses that enables a student to both acquire broad knowledge of the field and more detailed knowledge in a specialisation area.

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