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On this page you can find the assignment for this course. The assigment is designed by TU Delft and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and it consists out of two parts:

  •  Part one is a fictive engineering part in which you will have to find a way to minimize the negative effects caused by local winds on infrasound measurements. Design your solution, make an estimate of the costs and have sustainability in mind during your design process.
  • Part two is an ongoing scientific research about explosions in a goldmine in Sweden. Scientists conduct explosions to analyze and compare recorded seismic signals and infrasound data after the explosions. In this part you will have to compare infrasound recordings with atmospheric specifications and image the atmosphere with infrasound.

Below you can find explanation and additional information about this assignment.


For this assignment you will have to analyse some data to be able to design your solution. Below you can find some data that you could use in your report. Click on the links to download the data.

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