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During this course the students did several laboratory experiments, namely:
1. the N (nitrogen) removal test
2. the SMA (Specific Methanogenic Activity) test
3. Ultrafiltration of Effluents

First of all, Merle de Kreuk, gives an introduction to the laboratory expirements in the lecture of 15-11-2012. This lecture can be seen below. Besides that, the three PDF-files that belong to the experiments are given on this page. They give clear information to carry out the experiments and give you as a reader a clear overview what the students have done.

Introduction lab course

The N removal

The first experiment is about the N removal. Nitrification and denitrification are important processes in this experiment. Nitrification only happens if the relevent organism are present in the sludge.

Specific Methanogenic Activity test

The second experiment is the specific methanogenic activity test. It evaluates the anaerobic sludge capacity to convert an organic substrate into methane, which escapes easily to the gas phase, reducing the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the liquid phase. Slides of the experiment are also included.

Ultrafiltration of Effluents

The last experiment involves the ultrafiltration of effluents. In the Netherlands interest in advanced wastewater treatment is increasing as almost all treatment plant apply full biological treatment and nutrient removal. Membrane filtration, especially ultrafiltration, is believed to be a very promising method for effluent polishing. After ultrafiltration the water can be used in industrial applications, for agriculture or in the urban water cycle. A better effluent quality has a positive impact on the quality of the receiving water.

The PDF slides of this experiment can be found below.

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