The course deals with wastewater treatment techniques that in – addition to purify polluted effluents – are oriented to recover resources from waste streams, such as energy, nutrients, etc.

The students will learn:

  • to understand the background and application of various waste water treatment technologies;
  • to understand both high-tech and low-tech systems which are applicable in industrialized and developing countries;
  • to understand anaerobic treatment systems, focusing on resource recovery;
  • to understand modern technologies for (extensive) nutrient removal / recovery as well as membrane techniques for wastewater treatment.

The courseĀ is divided in the following subjects:

1. Introduction + Recap N removal
2. New perspective for N removal: The Anammox Process
3. Sieving the wastewater
4. Membrane BioReactors
5. Advanced wastewater treatment
6. Aerobic granular sludge
7. Interaction between wastewater collection and treatment
8. Anaerobic treatment: introduction + UASB design base
9. Anaerobic treatment fundamentals: Microbs
10. Anaerobic reactor technologies
11. Anaerobic fundamentals COD balance
12. Anaerobic sewage treatment
13. (Re)source oriented sanitation
14. Agriculture use of treated effluents
15. WWTP 2030
16. The Resource Factory

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