3.2 Congested network modelling

Course subject(s) 3. Supply or Network modelling

Pre-lecture activity

Please read sections 10.5.1 – 10.5.4 from the book. Main goal is that you’re aware of the main concepts we’ll be discussing in class.

This spreadsheet shows an implementation of a DUE and a SUE assignment using an assignment map and link flow averaging. Have a look at the implementation notice the differences between DUE and SUE, e.g. the convergence speed.

Second, explore Braess’s paradox, to start with by setting the travel time of link 3 to 7.5 minutes. Try some other values: what happens with the total travel time? What’s the difference in impact between a DUE and a SUE?

Post lecture activity

After studying the lecture slides and these sections of the book, you should be able to answer the questions about Congested network modelling in the post-lecture exercises of Supply or Network modelling. The answers can be downloaded from the same page.

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