4.1.1 What is energy efficiency?

Course subject(s) 4. Towards climate neutral energy systems

Welcome to the first video of module 4. To start this module we will be looking the concept of efficiency and what it means in the context of the energy transition. As you will see energy efficiency improvements have, and will continue to have, an important role in reducing energy consumption.

Examples of the different types energy efficiency improvements and what role they play in each sector

Key takeaways:

  • Energy efficiency improvements have an important role to play in the energy transition
  • Specific energy consumption is the energy use required to produce a unit of activity, for example MJ of energy per tonne of steel produced
  • The energy efficiency improvement for a particular activity is simply the reduction in specific energy consumption of that activity
  • Energy efficiency improvements can be realised by: reducing losses, recovering energy or through more efficient conversion
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