Classical Laminate Theory (CLT)

Course subject(s) 2. Classical Laminate Theory (CLT)

In his second lecture Dr. C. Kassapoglou continues the discussion about Classical Laminated Plate theory.


Last time he ended with in-plane laminate behavior, this time the out-of-plane behavior for the case of pure bending and membrane-bending coupling behavior are discussed. He tells how to obtain the equivalent stress-strain relations for a laminate bycombining everything. He then shows what the stiffness matrix should look like for symmetric and balanced laminates and how the elastic constants for a laminates can be obtained.


In the second part of the lecture Dr. C. Kassapoglou talks about the first ply failure criteria and failure prediction in general, followed by the description of ply failure modes. He finishes the course introduction with a review of  the most commonly used failure criteria and their relation to experimental results. The final segment covers real world composite structures examples.

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