1.1.2 Complete your Personal Plan

Course subject(s) 1. Get Started with Blended Learning

Education covers many fields and instructors have different needs. In this initial module, consider what this course offers you and what you need for your learners, then create a Personal Plan of what you need in a journal entry below. Because you’re already in Module 1, below describes Module 2 and on.

To get the essentials from this course, we suggest completing Modules 1-3. In module 1, you learn about the basics of blended learning. In module 2, you’ll (re-)consider your course design with guidance from a template. In module 3, you’ll finish a storyboard based on your course design you started in module 2. The storyboard helps to have a clear picture of activities, which format you will use for the activities, and consider how much time the activities take for learners to complete.

In module 4, you will create an engaging activity, assignment, or media. If you don’t have time to create videos, you can search for Open Educational Resources (OER).

To help you visualize your course, we suggest creating a practice module so that you can try out the features of your platform and try new ideas for your course structure. We go over this in Module 5.

In Module 6, you’ll create a communication plan of various emails and announcements, so that you’re ready to focus on discussions. If you have TAs, you can plan their schedule for monitoring the discussions.

During the course run, learners will be:

  • emailing your learners,
  • communicating with them in discussion boards,
  • posting announcements

After you’ve made your blended course, you’ll want to evaluate how that course run went. You will learn how to evaluate your blended course in module 7. This is different than the original course scan done in module 2.


Which modules do you plan to complete and what do you hope to gain from those modules?

Please journal in a way that you can remember what you wrote when you reflect back at the end of the course.

Make a word document to write down your thoughts and to reflect back on them at the end of this course.

Below is a brief reminder of the main assignment per module:

  1. Complete a Blended Learning Wave and Tool Exploration
  2. Start the Digitel Pro Course Design Template with EMBED course level self-assessment
  3. Complete Digitel Pro Course Design Template with EMBED course level self-assessment
  4. Create 1 content item or assignment
  5. Create a practice module or prototype of your course outline in your own platform
  6. Plan your communication with learners
  7. Prepare to evaluate your course
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