1.3.1 Tool exploration

Course subject(s) 1. Get Started with Blended Learning

This module, explore the use of at least 1 tool that you might use in either producing materials for your course or in teaching the course. Also explore the Learning Management System that you plan to use.

  • Are you able to achieve your goals?
  • Do you foresee any challenges in building your course?
  • Do you see any gaps where you may need another tool?

Recently I’ve tried out VideoScribe. Here is an example video I created: https://sho.co/1F8CU. Have a look at VideoScribe if you’re familiar with video editing and see if you like the tool.

There a lots of educational tools that you might already be using or have access to at your own institution.

Here is a list of the educational tools that TU Delft supports for their lecturers to give you an idea of different types of tools and what you might look into for your own institution if they do not already have these. Here at TU Delft, the educational tool list is based on what we support, recommend, or advise against using.

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