Additional Reading Material 6

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This folder contains background information on the lecture slides, both in depth material for the curious student as well as material to be studied for the exam.

Primary Treatment of Muncipal Wastewater

Last back ground reading material is covered in a publication from Paul Sutton, Bjorn Rusten, Alan Ghanam, Robert Dawson and Harlan Kelly: Rotating Belt Screens: An attractive alternative for primary treatment of muncipal wastewater, which was published in Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation WEFTEC 2008, pp. 1671-1687 (17)

Ultra Filtration and SUR Measurement

These two chapters from the thesis of Arie Jansen gives information of the filtration of effluent and measuring membrane characteristics and fouling with the SUR method as used in the practicals. It also gives the basics of ultra filtration as is presented bij Jan Willem Mulder of Evides. There might be some overlap by the material of the MBR lecture, since both discuss membranes. This is just for in depth information and not exam material as such. That is covered by the material of the MBR lecture. The title of the thesis of Arie Jansen is “The applicability of the SUR measurement for ultafiltration of WWTP effluent”

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