Required Literature – SWELL

Course week(s) Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Course subject(s) 1. Sun 2. Wind, noise and water 3. Traffic and Earth 4. Life and Living 5. Environment 6. Legends for Design

Jong, Taeke M. de ed. (2008) Sun wind water earth life living, legends for design(Zoetermeer)

Content and introduction

Sun, Energy and Plants
1.1 Energy
1.2 Sun, light and shadow
1.3 Temperature, geography and history
1.4 Planting by man

Wind, sound and noise
2.1 Global atmosphere
2.2 National choice of location
2.3 Regional choice of location
2.4 Local measures
2.5 District and neighbourhood variants
2.6 Allotment of hectares
2.7 Sound and Noise

Water, networks and crossings
3.1 Water balance
3.2 Civil engineering in the Netherlands
3.3 Water policy
3.4 The second network: Roads
3.5 Other networks: cables and ducts

Earth and site preparation
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Earth sciences
4.3 Engineering
4.4 Applications for designers

Life, ecology and nature
5.1 Natural history
5.2 Diversity, scale and dispersion
5.3 Ecologies
5.4 Valuing nature
5.5 Managing nature

Living, human density and environment
6.1 Adaption and accommodation
6.2 Habitat
6.3 Density
6.4 Economy
6.5 Environment
6.6 Soil pollution

Legends for design
7.1 Mapping
6.2 Child perspective
6.3 Composition analysis
6.4 Legends
6.5 Scales of separation
6.6 Boundaries of imagination

Literature, Key Words and Questions

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