Every subject contains presentation slides and Collegerama video presentations.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes for the course are included in the textbook for the course.

Chapter #TitleLecture
00Cover and content
01Water treatment schemes02
02Coagulation and flocculation06
05Granular filtration04
08Aeration and gas transfer03
10Micro- and ultrafiltration11
11Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis12

Assignments – Tests

After the lecture on a specific treatment process, the student should study the lecture note on that process and should take the assignment test for that process. A successful assignment test is required before starting the lab course on a specific treatment process.

Laboratory course

The laboratory course includes water treatment experiments with small pilot plant installations (in TU Delft WATER LAB).
The documentation for the lab experiments includes a manual, and data forms.
After each lab experiment a report should be drafted.

00General information
01Coagulation and flocculation – Jar test2 out of 4
02Sedimentation – Flocculent settling2 out of 4
03Granular filtration – Filter runcompulsary
04Granular filtration – Hydraulics2 out of 4
06Aeration – Cascade aeration2 out of 4

The lab experiments will take half a day, except for Granular fltration – Filter run which will take a full day.

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