Every subject contains presentation slides and Collegerama video presentations.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes for the course are included in the textbook for the course.

Chapter # Title Lecture
00 Cover and content
01 Water treatment schemes 02
02 Coagulation and flocculation 06
03 Sedimentation 07
04 Flotation 08
05 Granular filtration 04
06 Adsorption 09
07 Disinfection 10
08 Aeration and gas transfer 03
09 Softening 05
10 Micro- and ultrafiltration 11
11 Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis 12

Assignments – Tests

After the lecture on a specific treatment process, the student should study the lecture note on that process and should take the assignment test for that process. A successful assignment test is required before starting the lab course on a specific treatment process.

Laboratory course

The laboratory course includes water treatment experiments with small pilot plant installations (in TU Delft WATER LAB).
The documentation for the lab experiments includes a manual, and data forms.
After each lab experiment a report should be drafted.

Item# Topic(s) Status
00 General information
01 Coagulation and flocculation – Jar test 2 out of 4
02 Sedimentation – Flocculent settling 2 out of 4
03 Granular filtration – Filter run compulsary
04 Granular filtration – Hydraulics 2 out of 4
05 Adsorption compulsary
06 Aeration – Cascade aeration 2 out of 4
07 Softening compulsary
08 Nanofiltration compulsary

The lab experiments will take half a day, except for Granular fltration – Filter run which will take a full day.

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