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Prof. W.R. Rossen
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TN4780tu Fysische Transportverschijnselen
Laminar and turbulent flow, heat conduction, transient conduction, diffusion and convection mass transfer
Course Contents
This course is designed for 3rd year students at Department of Geotechnology, and is an extension from their 2nd year course on transport phenomena (tn4780tu). In this course, three basic areas relevant to earth sciences are covered. First, aspects of fluid flow will be treated, among them turbulence, non-Newtonian laminar flow, and flow in an annular geometry. Subsequently the attention is focused on heat transfer. Covered subjects include shell balances for simple heat-transfer problems, conduction through multiple layers, undsteady conduction, convective heat transfer, and approaches to simplifying transport problems. Finally mass transfer is treated, with attention on unsteady diffusion and convection mass transfer.
Study Goals
The primary goal of the course is to gather more knowledge on transport phenomena in relation to the earth sciences (geology, mining engineering, petroleum engineering and raw materials technology). After this course, the student should be able to tackle the general engineering problems related to the transport phenomena based on the general principles and methodology learned.
Education Method
The course is organised with normal lectures and laboratory experiments.
Literature and Study Materials
Course notes and handouts. Also "Fysiche transportverschijnselen I," van den Akker and Mudde, VSSD, 3rd ed.

Reference literature
R.B. Bird et al.: Transport Phenomena, 1st edition (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1960); or second edition (2002)
Practical (15%) + (open book) written examination (65%), in-class quizzes (10%) and a short special project (10%).
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