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Course subject(s) 1. System Validation – An Introduction 2. Strong behavioral equivalences and Weak behavioral equivalences 3. Abstract Data Types 4. Sequential Processes: Theory 5. Coffee Machine Example 6. Parallel Processes: Theory 7. Modal mu-Calculus 8. Model Examination with Solutions


The exam material comprises Chapters 1 to 6 (inclusive) of the book Modelling and Analysis of Communicating Systems. The topics treated in the course and included in the final exam are: actions, weak and strong behavioral equivalences, algebraic data types, sequential and parallel processes, modal mu-calculus and modeling system behavior.

The type of exercises you may expect in the fi nal written examination of IN4387 :

Chapter 2:

1. checking equality or inequality of given LTSs

2. de ning LTSs that are equal (or inequal) for a given notion of behavioral equivalence.

Chapter 3:

1. formally specifying a data type given an informal description

2. proving inequality of data terms (using proof by contradiction by reducing it to true = false)

3. proving equality of data terms (using induction).

Chapter 4 and 5:

1. formally specifying a process given an informal description.

2. using algebraic reasoning to prove two processes equivalent (axioms will be appended to exam questions).

Chapter 6:

1. formally specifying a property given an informal description.

2. given an LTS specify whether a given property holds for the LTS.

3. given an LTS specify in which states a given property holds.


The following sections of this book is not treated and will not be examined: 5.4, 5.5, 6.2, 6.4 and 6.5.

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