Smart Grid Reference Architecture

Course subject(s) Module 6: ICT & infrastructures

Smart Grids Reference Architecture

Interoperability between the many components  is a key enabler of smart grids.  In the next weblecture, Professor Geert Deconinck will describe the required ‘Smart Grid Architecture Model’ (SGAM) – developed by the ‘CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Joint Working Group report on standards for smart grids’- for this interoperability. This framework is a pre-condition to allow the many different smart grid actors to jointly discuss and design smart grid solutions. You will learn to understand the framework and its layers, zones and domains. You will see that it is work in progress and that the challenge is to develop flexible standards (as we have seen in week 2).

Questions for pondering

If you watch the web lecture, reflect on the meaning of – and distinction between – the different layers, zones & domains.

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