Welcome to the bonus module.

This bonus module is about two essential skills/techniques if you want to analyze the sociotechnical complexity of infrastructures:  

  • Problem demarcation (section 8.2). 
  • Multi-actor (stakeholder) stakeholder analysis (section 8.3 and 8.4).  

NB: These materials come from our on-campus courses. 

Most of you might be quite familiar with these techniques.  But if you like to develop – or simply update your skills – now or in the future-  we do hope that you will find these materials useful. 

Good luck and thank you once more for joining us!

Below you will find an example of an actor analysis ( flood project -Houston/USA – power-relationship of actors). It shows the relationships between the involved actors. The dotted lines are informal relationships, while the straight lines are formal relationships (for example, a division, departments or someone that an actor has to report to). In section 8.3 and 8.4,  you will learn a lot more about actor analysis  and its many dimensions.

 (Picture source: Cy Cheung, course moderator)

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