Actor analysis – part 2

Course subject(s) Module 8. Bonus module: Problem demarcation and actor analysis (skills)

Actor analysis – Part 2

An actor analysis covers six steps:

  1. Formulation of a problem as a point of departure.
  2. Inventory of the actors involved.
  3. Exhibiting the formal chart: the formal tasks, authorities, and relations of actors and the current legislation.
  4. Determining the interests, objectives and problem perceptions of actors.
  5. Mapping out the interdependencies between actors by making inventories of resources and the subjective involvement of actors with the problem.
  6. Determining the consequences of these findings with regard to the problem formulation.

We already covered the first three steps.  We will now continue with  step 4, 5 and 6 (for each step we have a separate web lecture).

Dive even deeper? This is very nice article.

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