Our Grand Challenge

Course subject(s) Module 1: Complexity of Infrastructure

Our Grand Challenge

‘Is it possible to imagine infrastructure systems that can meet the needs of twice today’s population with half today’s resources while providing twice the livability? (the Factor 8 question)’.

This question was the Grand Challenge posed at the Next Generation Infrastructure 2013 conference.

This MOOC will give you a starting point for addressing this ‘grand challenge’; it will help you to understand the complexity of infrastructure systems.

Complexity is one of key words of this  course, and we will describe the tremendous implications for the design and governance of infrastructure systems. But we will also have a look at some very practical instruments. Please check the ‘warming up week’ for an overview of the course content.
Once more, welcome to the course, and let’s get started with a web lecture by professors Margot Weijnen and Ernst ten Heuvelhof.

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What does the animation tell us about the way we can design infrastructures?

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