System Identification and Parameter Estimation – Readings

Course subject(s) 02. Correlation Functions in Time and Frequency Response Functions 03. Impulse and Frequency Response Functions 04. Assignment 1 & Perturbation Signal Design 05. Open- and Closed Loop Systems & Multivariable systems 06. Time domain Models 07. Assignment 2 & Overview of System Identification 08. Parameter Estimation: Optimization methods 09. Physical Modeling, Model and Parameter Accuracy 10. Assignment 3 & Nonlinear Models 11. Final Assignment & Time Variant Identification 12. Identification of Joint Impedance


This course makes use of the following two books:

Identification of nonlinear physiological systems
Authors: David T. Westwick & Robert E. Kearney
John Wiley and Sons Ltd
ISBN10: 0471274569
ISBN13: 9780471274568

System identification: a frequency domain approach
Authors: Johan Pintelon & Rik Schoukens
John Wiley and Sons Ltd
ISBN10:  0780360001
ISBN13:  9780780360006


Recommended is to read the following article:

A Student’s Guide to Classical Control
Author: Dennis S. Bernstein (1997)

Course manual

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