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Considerable attention in this track is devoted to modelling, laboratory work, fieldwork and research with test installations. The MSc Watermanagement track has three specialisations:

PhD and MSc Research

Research related to Watermanagement


Water is vital. Life on earth would be impossible without water. But water can also be life-threatening. Consider the destructive power of rivers which burst their banks, or polluted drinking water sources. The MSc Watermanagement track focuses on understanding natural surface and groundwater streams and on managing, controlling and using water streams for society. This covers both ground and surface water, as well as rainfall and, for example, waste water. Watermanagement also considers not just the quantity of water, but the quality of ground and surface water.

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All courses within in the MSc-track Watermanagement can be done as Campus course or online distance course. All students are free to select whether they do the Campus format or the Online format of a course. This selection has to be made 4 weeks before the start of a course. For more information click on the picture.



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