Are there beautiful and ugly buildings? Can you make buildings of curved glass? Should the green heart at the centre of the Randstad be built up or not? If you choose to study Architecture at Delft, then you are someone who is prepared to consider difficult questions. Difficult questions relating to form, constructions, technology and combinations.

Architecture at TU Delft is both a creative and a technical subject. It is more than architecture in the narrow sense: the field ranges from the technical aspects of building to responsible planning of space in the Netherlands as a whole. Read more about the specialist Architecture fields.

Degree programme

The key issue in the three-year Bachelor’s degree programme is learning how to design. In addition, you take courses to improve your technical skills and your specialist knowledge. This includes things like history of architecture, real estate management, informatics, structural design and mechanics. Considerable attention is also given to social issues. Read more about the degree programme.

In addition to the regular degree programme, in the fifth semester you also take a minor (a cohesive package of optional subjects) at TU Delft, another Dutch university or abroad. After gaining your Bachelor’s degree you can transfer to a following two-year Master’s degree programme.


After completing your studies you, as a structural engineer, have a good chance of getting a job. Depending on your chosen track, you can start work at a design or consultancy firm, a construction enterprise, a housing corporation, a real estate developer or with the government. You could also start up your own independent design office.

Phote by Alex Terzich
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