Dynamics and Stability – Exams

Course week(s) 1. Newton’s Laws and Fictitious Forces 2. Work and Energy 3. Lagrange Equations 4. Forces of Constraint and Stability of Steady Motion 5. Stability of Conservative Systems and Euler Equations 6. Euler Angles and Variational Calculus 7. Hamilton’s Principle and Ritz Mehtod

In this section, old exams from 2004 up to 2010 are given.

In the exams, four or five problems need to be solved. Ten points can be earned in total, divided over the problems in the exam.

It is required that all answers are provided with calculations and/or motivation. All answers must be given mentioning the correct SI units. All exams, except the one from 2010, have a Dutch translation attached to it.


Exams in 2010:

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